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Project details

The Federation plans to hold the International Competitive Programming Championship quarterfinals (ICPC) face-to-face in at least three regions of Kazakhstan. The project aims to create an opportunity for more Kazakhstani universities to take part in this prestigious contest.

ICPC is the largest collegiate programming contest for students, which brings together the strongest universities from 110 countries of the world. Such well-known universities as Stanford University, Harvard University, the California Institute of Technology, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Saint Petersburg State University, Lomonosov Moscow State University, University of Warsaw, University of Waterloo and many others are among the ICPC participants.

Every year the ICPC brings together an impressive number of participants, exceeding even the number of athletes participating in the Olympic Games. For example, in 2017 the ICPC was attended by 46,381 participants from 103 countries as compared to 11,544 athletes who participated in the Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro.

ICPC opens the following opportunities for its participants:

  • Career opportunities

    Participation in the ICPC is seen as an advantage by global IT companies searching for talented competitive programmers. ICPC winners and medalists are highly appreciated in the industry. Succeeding in such contests opens the door to numerous career opportunities, including jobs at top IT companies, the opportunity to hold senior positions, and even teach programming at universities.

  • Personal skills development

    Participation in the ICPC helps develop not only programming skills, but also other important skills such as analytical thinking, problem solving, teamwork and time management. These skills are highly-prized in any field and can be useful both in a professional career and in everyday life.

Hosting ICPC Quarterfinals in Kazakhstan provides the following benefits:

  • Popularizing competitive programming

    The contest helps develop and increase interest in programming among students.

  • In-country selection

    Competition between universities helps choose the best teams to represent Kazakhstan at the international level.

  • Preparing for the international final

    The ICPC Quarterfinal is the starting point to form strong teams and increases the chances of achieving high results.

The ICPC Quarterfinal in Kazakhstan is an important stage of the Championship, which helps develop competitive programming, identify talented students and form strong teams to represent the country in the international arena.