Federation goals

The Competitive Programming Federation, a republican public association, was established with the support of the Minister of Digital Development, Innovation and Aerospace Industry, Bagdat Batyrbekovich Mussin, together with the representatives of the Digital Nomads Kazakhstan IT community and the country’s leading experts in competitive programming.

"Our main goal is to popularize and develop competitive programming (hereinafter - CP) among the population, as well as to improve the results of our coders in various contests.

Main projects of the Federation:

  • development and implementation of CP programs in Kazakhstan

  • ecosystem development at educational institutions

  • organisation of training camps

  • development the competitive programming materials in Kazakh

  • establishing branches and / or representative offices facilitating the CP development in regions

  • development and increase in the number of problem setters in competitive programming.

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Tournaments held by the Competitive Programming Federation:

  • Competitive programming championship of Kazakhstan

  • ICPC qualifying rounds

  • The 2024 ICPC World Finals in Astana

  • School and university Olympiads in informatics

  • "Yzdik IT Ustaz" tournament among informatics teachers

  • Online contests on the Federation platform

Federation activities

We also organise various events to promote competitive programming among children and adolescents as a means of active leisure, which, in turn, contributes to the development of youth interest in intellectual sports and skills such as quick thinking, creative initiative, flexibility and mobility necessary for young professionals to ensure their competitiveness in the rapidly changing world of new technologies.