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Project details

This project is of great importance for the development of competitive programming in Kazakhstan. The main goal of the project is to address the issue of the lack of resources for studying competitive programming in Kazakh language and to make sports programming more accessible and understandable for the Kazakh-speaking audience.


To achieve this goal the following measures and initiatives are being taken:

  • Translation of materials on algorithms and data structures into Kazakh language

    Key articles and tutorials on algorithms and data structures will be translated into Kazakh so that schoolchildren, students and professionals can learn these important concepts in their native language.

  • Development of task problems in Kazakh

    Problem requirements on competitive programming will be written in Kazakh language. This will allow participants with Kazakh language more easily engage in solving archived problem sets.

  • Development of a web platform in Kazakh language

    A platform with a testing system for automatically checking problems on competitive programming is being developed. Our platform will provide an interface in Kazakh language. With the help of this platform, we will conduct competitions and provide a problems archive for practicing competitive programming and improving skills.