Project details

For the purpose of popularizing competitive programming among students, improving their results in programming contests and developing IT at higher educational institutions in regions, the Federation launches a number of important projects. One of the key projects to which we pay special attention is the development of a competitive programming ecosystem at regional universities.

The Federation’s project to develop a competitive programming ecosystem at regional universities is aimed at achieving the following goals:

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  • Developing regional universities:

    We seek to actively support and develop competitive programming at regional universities to enable our students to unlock their potential in this field.

  • Educating students:

    We offer students advanced training in algorithms, data structures and other key aspects of competitive programming so that they can successfully compete at various contests and competitions.

  • Building strong community of competitive programmers:

    We are focusing on creating a friendly and supportive environment where students can share their experience, learn from each other and grow together as competitive programmers.

  • Conducting intra-university and regional contests:

    We organize contests so that students can try their skills and compete with coders from other universities.

  • Developing necessary skills and knowledge in students to pass interviews at global IT companies:

    We help students develop not only programming skills, but also their confidence, and prepare them to pass interviews at MAANG successfully (the world’s leading IT companies such as Google, Meta, etc.)

  • Organizing online meetings and motivational talks:

    We organize meetings with experienced developers from various companies and leading experts in competitive programming for students to receive valuable advice, get inspired and motivated by professionals.


Project details

As part of the project to develop a competitive programming ecosystem at regional universities, we have carefully selected six universities based on meetings with their management and administration and their interest and willingness to participate in the project. Our partners in this project are the following universities:

We in cooperation with the administration of each university create favourable conditions for students so that they can develop their skills, participate in contests and achieve astonishing results.


Project details

The Federation is actively working with the universities to successfully develop a competitive programming ecosystem at regional universities. We have implemented the following main activities:

  • Guest lectures and motivational talks:

    We organized a number of guest lectures in the course of which experienced members of the Federation Presidium, representatives of the Digital Nomads Kazakhstan IT community and leading specialists in competitive programming conducted motivational talks. They shared their experience, valuable tips and demonstrated opportunities available for students in competitive programming.

  • Selecting students and forming groups:

    We selected students, relying on their logical skills and basic programming knowledge. Following the selection process, we formed groups of motivated and talented students, who are interested in further developing their skills and taking part in contests.

  • Appointing coaches and developing a program:

    We invited experienced coaches specializing in competitive programming to work with the universities. We jointly with our coaches have developed a detailed training program covering key topics of competitive programming, taking into account peculiarities of each university.

  • Launching training and participating in contests:

    We have successfully launched a competitive programming training for students to provide them with valuable knowledge and practical skills. Furthermore, we actively prepare for various contests so that students can apply their skills, measure their progress and gain valuable experience in the competitive environment.

  • Establishing a student club:

    We have initiated the establishment of a student competitive programming club at each university. This specially designated community provides a platform for students to share knowledge, experience and ideas, as well as to organize in-house events and contests.

We tend to continue our activities aimed at developing a competitive programming ecosystem at regional universities. Our goal is to provide students with the best opportunities for successful development and high results in competitive programming.


Project details

Our coaches are experienced specialists in competitive programming. They have vast experience in participating and winning various programming contests, as well as developing complex algorithms. Our coaches are pleased to provide students with valuable knowledge, skills and support they need to succeed in competitive programming.