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Project details

Training camps are intensive classes aimed at training students for national and international programming contests. These camps are organized in the summer period with optimal conditions for effective student training.

The camp format consists of the following elements:

  • Contests

    Practical solving of programming problems in a competitive environment where participants are faced with real-world problems and try to solve them within a limited period of time. This will help students improve their skills, develop tolerance for stress and learn to work effectively under time pressure.

  • Lectures

    Theoretical teaching of algorithms, data structures and mathematics from experienced coaches. Students are expected to expand their knowledge and deepen their understanding of the basic concepts necessary for successful solving of programming problems. Lectures are provided in a clear way combining theory and practical examples and explanations.

  • Analysing problems

    Feedback and detailed analysis of problem solutions to help participants learn about their mistakes and improve their approaches to problem solving. This will enable them to develop more effective strategies and prepare for future contests in a more intelligent way.



the ICPC World Championship finalists (November 2023, Sharm El Sheikh)


The selection for the middle division will take place on July 2 at 11:00.


The selection for the novice division will take place on July 2 at 11:00.

Duration: 26 July through 6 August 2023
Days: 10 days, including 2 additional days for arrival and departure.
Location: Astana

The accommodation, meals and training expenses, as well as those associated with the travel of students from their domestic cities in Kazakhstan to Astana and back will be fully covered by the Federation.


Our coaches have a vast experience in competitive programming and training.

Coach’s full name

Brief description of their experience and achievements.

Coach’s full name

Brief description of their experience and achievements.

Participation Requirements:

- Undergraduate and graduate students.
- Aged under 24 years as of the 2023-2024 academic year.

The training camp provides a beginner division quota for regional universities to ensure participation of students from various regions and development of competitive programming throughout the country.

We are pleased to invite you to our training camp, where you can improve your skills, share experiences with like-minded people and prepare for future contests.